Convenient options for single and multi-dose products.

At Good Health Manufacturing Our Capsules provide a number of distinct advantages for nutritional supplements.

These products include a powdered formula, encapsulated in a gelatin or vegetable shell. This shell can protect sensitive ingredients, act as an oxygen barrier, and hide unpleasant tastes. Many consumers also prefer capsules, due to their convenience and portability.

We follow documented procedures to produce our capsules in a traceable manner. Our laboratory and manufacturing lines use precise dosing systems that ensure each capsule contains the exact amount of required powder. After production, we'll bottle your capsules for market. We also offer blister packs.

Of course, capsules do represent a few challenges. These products are susceptible to moisture and allergies. Our advisors at GHM will be happy to discuss any of these needs with you, to determine whether capsules represent the right option for your product.


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Kelly P.

"Good Health Manufacturing consistently provides a quality product and sticks to delivery timeframes. I'm extremely satisfied with my experience partnering with their team."

Tom D.

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