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  • STICK-PACKS (1.5-16 GRAMS)

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Our ability to meet all of your company's production needs is one of the distinct advantages you'll experience working with Good Health Manufacturing. From small and large cans to sample packs, pouches, and standard bottles, we can provide solutions for virtually any desired size or configuration. Our team can even develop innovative packaging alternatives for your product, which may help enhance the marketability of the end product.

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Sachets & Stick Packs

Sachets and stick packs are ideal packaging options for single-dose products. Our powder filling equipment can accommodate a wide range of sachet and stick pack sizes. Work in tandem with our team to find the right powder container for your product. Some of the many powder options we can manufacture include protein powder, bodybuilding protein powder, and multivitamin powders.



Bottles are the preferred container for nutritional capsules. We provide bottling in multiple sizes, based on the capsule count anticipated for each individual container. In addition to our bottles, we can package capsules in sample packets and jars. Some of our capsule capabilities include vitamin capsules, protein capsules, and pet capsules.


"GHM treats me like a true partner, not a simple client. Without their seasoned team, I could never have launched my company. I am so grateful for all of their hard work!"

Kelly P.

"Good Health Manufacturing consistently provides a quality product and sticks to delivery timeframes. I'm extremely satisfied with my experience partnering with their team."

Tom D.

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